Leaf & Bean Double Wall Espresso Glass Set/2

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Keep your coffee hot and your ice-cream cold with this Double Wall Espresso Glass Set of 2.
When you've made your coffee just the way you like it, you want to savour it without needing to guzzle it halfway through because it's cooling faster than you'd like to drink it! The double wall provides insulation and prevents condensation, whilst keeping the outer surface comfortable to touch regardless of the contents' temperature.
The 80ml capacity is perfect for espressos as well as appetisers and desserts.
The Double Wall Espresso Glass Set can also be used for cold food and beverages, and can be pre-chilled in your fridge or freezer.
Clear glass makes the contents visible for an attractive presentation.
Durable borosilicate glass is microwave and dishwasher safe.
Could you imagine a life without coffee or tea? We can't! That's why Leaf & Bean is dedicated to crafting the ultimate hot drink.
The extensive range features everything coffee and tea lovers could desire.
Brew your tea and coffee to perfection with Leaf & Bean.