Little Box Of Love For Dad
Little Box Of Love For Dad
Little Box Of Love For Dad

Little Box Of Love For Dad

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This ‘For My Dad’ gift box from the Little Boxes of Love collection is a beautiful way for you to create a truly meaningful gift for Dad. Little Boxes of Love are gift boxes that contain 25 unique prompt cards inside for you to personalise. Each gift box is finished with gold foil printing and a “to” and “from” section inside the lid, creating the ultimate personalised gift for someone special. The Little Box of Love For My Dad is sure to put a smile on Dad’s face, and makes a beautiful, sentimental gift that he can treasure forever.

25 prompts include:

  • My first memory of you is
  • A difficult moment you helped me get through
  • I’m sorry for
  • Something that always amazes me about you
  • The qualities I hope to inherit from you
  • When I think of growing up with you as my Dad, I think of
  • A moment we’ve shared that I’ll never forget
  • Thanks for supporting me when
  • Ways you inspire me
  • My favourite family tradition
  • When I think of home, I think of
  • Something I’d love to do together in the next 5 years
  • Places I would love to go with you
  • Things you’ve taught me about
  • I love the way we celebrate
  • I always smile when I think about
  • Something I’d love you to do for yourself
  • One of my greatest achievements that I couldn’t have done without you
  • What I admire most about you
  • Something you taught me that I’m grateful for
  • You always make me feel better when
  • I’ve always wanted to tell you
  • Some advice you gave me that I’ve never forgotten
  • Your strengths and talents
  • I’m so glad that you’re my Dad because

Measurements: 16.5cm x 11.5cm x 3.3cm


  • The ultimate personalised and meaningful gift!
  • 25 unique prompt cards inside for you to personalise
  • Luxurious gold-foil printing on the matte finish gift box lid
  • To and from panel printed inside the lid
  • Add photos, gift cards or a special treat to complete the gift

Made from: Card, Paper

Colour: White, Blue, Gold