Moss St. Diffuser- Vanilla Caramel

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A hand-poured, custom-designed ceramic diffuser that continuously fills your room with the deliciously rich and creamy scent of ‘Vanilla Caramel’.

Keep your ceramic vessel topped up with our 500ml diffuser refills!

Top notes are bergamot and rich caramel; heart notes are brown sugar, milk and almond; base notes are vanilla and amber.


Our ceramic diffusers are hand-poured in custom-designed ceramic vessels using only the highest quality Australian perfumes.

Flip the reeds as little or as often as you like depending on how much of a fragrance hit you are after. Our oil-based formula has been specifically designed to release fragrance for up to 6 months (350ml) or up to 2 months (100ml) depending on how often you flip the reeds.

Our ceramic vessels are statement pieces of home decor that have been reimagined into a luxurious new collection, previously known as Mews Collective.