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The Tarot of Curious Creatures

The Tarot of Curious Creatures

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Following the success of The Light Seer's Tarot and The Muse Tarot, this new deck from Chris-Anne is a quirky twist on the current trend of reimagining traditional tarot.

With quirky characters and a clear, modern insight into the traditional eanings of the tarot cards, this vibrant, unique card deck is sure to bring joy and guidance to your life.

Did you ever consider the buttoned-up Hierophant could be a fitness-loving llama in a unitard? Or the Fool a sure-footed lady goat with a backpack?

This accessible, friendly deck will appeal to beginners and more serious card users alike looking for some fun in their collections. The bright colours and combination of human bodies with animal heads will bring a smile to anyone who draws one of these charming cards.

A guidebook filled with unique, lyrical messages not only reveals more personality to the characters in the images but gives you an understanding of the traditional meanings of the cards without all of the mystery that sometimes surrounds tarot.


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